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The turret attachment can be added to your Levin Lathe. This will make the lathe the most efficient machine for production or second operation work on miniature or microminiature parts. The small size, sensitivity, extreme accuracy and ease of set-up relieves larger machines of the inefficient burden of machining small work. Levin Turret Attachments are specially designed and constructed to meet the demands required in the production of small precision parts.

The six position, self-indexing turret is provided with independently adjustable stops for each turret position. The turret head is supported on preloaded ball thrust bearings. All turret holes are bored undersize, so that the final boring of the six position 1/2" diameter holes can be done with headstock from the machine on which the turret attachment is being installed. (This final boring operation can be done at the factory at customers request.)

The six positions can be equipped with a wide variety of standard Levin tooling shown on pages 27 and 28 of catalog.

Part# Turret Travel Turret Position Turret Holes Price
1/2" Diameter



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